The Miracle Nipple

Blissful Cat Beds now stock "The Miracle Nipple" We are an Australian Distributer for the Miracle Nipple. A great nursing nipple for those times when kittens aren't latching or suckling from the queen and need to be supplimented with formula.

The Miracle Nipple comes in 2 sizes. Mini and regular. The nipple hole is already made so no fiddling with a needle to puncture a hole in the end. Regular nipples are used for any aged kitten. Mini are for Persians or short nosed breeds. A 10 mL Luer lock syringe is supplied with each nipple, which slides easily when the kitten suckles. 2 nipples and 4 syringe set is $14.00 and postage and handling is $8.75. Or you can catch us at certain FCCV or GCCFV shows in Victoria.

The kitten soon learns to suckle and draws the milk out of the syringe without assistance. 

A one week old kitten suckling from The Miracle Nipple

A newborn Siamese kitten learning to suckle on The Miracle Nipple

"The Miracle Nipple"

The next best thing to mom!

The Miracle NIpple is designed for small to medium mammals similar to: squirrels, kittens, bunnies, opossums, (for lapping from), toy breed puppies and many other animals in a similar size. We recommend prior to first use to clean in warm sudsy water using a cleaner such as Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Always rinse thoroughly and wash in between uses.

The Miracle Nipple features a premade hole, an oversized base for less chance of swallowing by the animal and a kneading pad for small paws to knead on, simialr to what an animal would naturally do while nursing from mother. This nipple will fit on any 1cc and 3cc slip tip syringe or any luer lock tip syringe. It will also fit to a small nursing cap bottle though keeping in mind that with small mammals it is recommended to use a syringe with a nippleand not the bottle to reduce the chance of aspiration of the formula, "The Miracle O ring syringe" will glide better than a regular syringe and keep in mind using a smaller sized syringe will also reduce the chance of aspiration of fluid into the lungs.